And we have furniture!

Our furniture has arrived! (Remember when we bought it, three months ago? I know, neither do I).

But it finally arrived this morning and was pieced together and installed by this afternoon.

Without further ado:

Of course, in order for the nice delivery guys to hang up all the cabinets/shelves, I had to disconnect the TV from the digicorder and sound system. Now I have everything plugged back in except for one cable (for the sound) that I can’t figure out where it goes. Actually, I’m pretty sure I know where it goes, I just don’t know how to reach the back of the TV while it’s hanging on the wall.

I would say I could just wait for Joery to get home to figure it out, but he’s in Italy until Sunday for work. So it’s either figure it out or watch TV silently (though that could be a good way to practice my Dutch — as long as it’s subtitled).

Now all that’s left is to buy a rug for in front of the couch and a light for over the table and our living area/kitchen/dining room will be (more or less) complete!

Of course, there’s still the guest room, bedroom, terrace and walk-in closet to finish, but let’s not dwell on that, shall we?