Wedding bells a-ringing

Shortly after I returned to PA, I was a bridesmaid for the wedding of my good friend, Angela, and her now-husband, Tommy.

Me, the newlyweds and the rest of the wedding party doing the necessary jumping photo.

The wedding was beautiful — outdoor ceremony right off a lake, great weather (after a long streak of rainy days), moving words. One of the things the priest said during the ceremony that stayed with me was, (directed to the other married couples, but applicable to anyone in a relationship) “If this union today only reminds you of why you took your own vows, Tommy and Angela have provided you with a priceless gift” (or something like that).

After the ceremony, the reception was held inside a country club. The couple had chosen the theme of old hollywood — complete with life-size cardboard cutouts of Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe that apparently they had found at an antique store and were able to trade a box of DVDs for.

Angela also compiled these amazing movies. There was one for each of them, chronicling their lives through photos (from baby to adulthood) and a third that showed their life together. Each video was set to a specific song that captured who they are, apart and together. The videos were touching and included stop-motion images Ang had drawn that corresponded to the words of the song. In between the videos, she took scenes from classic (and contemporary) romantic movies and pieced them together. It was a really sweet presentation that I’m totally going to steal for when I get married (Ang, you have to teach me how to do stop-motion).

All in all it was a great night. Everyone had such a blast and there were always people on the dance floor. I don’t think Joery left the floor for much of the night (except to eat and refill his gin and tonic). It had been ages since I danced so much; I had a blast.

Towards the end of the night, Joery turned to me (I later found out he also asked the bride as well) and asked, “So, at what point in the night is it appropriate to take off your tie and put it around your head?” It was only minutes later when I turned around and saw him dancing with Ang:

¬†Because, as he told me later, it’s not really a party until the tie comes off.

Congratulations Tommy and Angela!


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