And the craziness continues…

I’m starting to get adjusted to my temporary move to the states. The last two weeks have been rather hectic, what with my good friend’s wedding, the boyfriend’s visit, finding a job (which I did!), visiting friends and relatives I hadn’t seen in the last year, celebrated turning 25 (apparently the age where they stop asking to see your ID when you order a drink…) and starting to get the ball rolling on my visa application materials (which is more frustrating than anything else), but things are finally starting to calm down.

Yesterday I had to drive Joery back to the airport to catch his flight home, which doesn’t get any easier even though I’ve had to do it many times before. He’ll be back to celebrate Christmas with the family America-style, but it’s still a solid two-and-a-half months before I’ll see him again. We’ve had to do the long distance thing in the past, but it’s still not fun. I’m just hoping the time will fly for both of us. Plus, my being here means that he gets to pick out the paint colors for our bedroom (not to mention our dining room table and chairs and any other assorted furniture he decides we need) solo, which is more than a little nerve-racking.

It’s a little hard to get used to the idea of being here for so long, not only because it means that life will continue on in Belgium without me, but also because I’m kind of betwixt and between (to use an anthropology reference) things here. I can’t find a steady job, since I’m only here for a couple of months, so I have to settle with an 8-dollar-an-hour position as a front desk clerk at a “historic” (we’re not allowed to say old) hotel in the area. I just feel like to a certain extent that I’m just wasting time until I go back to Belgium and resume my life. I’m in limbo.

This isn’t to say that I don’t love being here and seeing all my family and friends who I’ve been missing for the past two years. It’s just that everyone around me are doing things that are furthering their careers or to pursuing future goals, whereas I’m just checking people into rooms that may or may not suffer from severe water damage. It just seems like everything life-wise is being put on hold for a bit.

Anyway, now that things have slowed down a bit, I promise to be back writing on a (semi) regular basis. I definitely have more, as my friend Francesca would say, Karin-stories to tell. :)



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