Back in the U.S.A

Made it back to the U.S. safely. It was a long trip — I had a three-hour layover in London, which was mighty boring. However, we did pick up a new passenger: Paul McCartney! I saw him when I got off the plane. He was waiting for his luggage, along with everyone else. I actually probably wouldn’t have noticed if the guy standing next to me hadn’t pointed him out.

So there you go. Probably the closest I’ve (knowingly) been to a famous person.

I didn’t get back to my parent’s house in Pennsylvania until about 2:00 in the morning. My dad decided since we were so close to Manhatten (I flew in to JFK) that he would take a quick detour to check out the Ground Zero memorial. This detour included: lots of traffic, being chastised by a NYC cop, more traffic, getting lost, seeing the outside of the new building on the site, and then deciding to go home.

Now I’m off to find a job (I have an interview this afternoon for a position as a hotel front desk clerk) and figure out what I need to do visa-wise to get back into Belgium.


2 thoughts on “Back in the U.S.A

    • Thanks! It was pretty awesome. I’m happy I kept my cool (though when the guy next to me pointed it out I did hit him on the shoulder, kind of like a get-out-of-here gesture, which made me very aware that I didn’t actually know him)

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