Homecoming and good-byes

Today was the last day of my internship in Brussels and tomorrow is the graduation ceremony for my master program. It’s definitely the end of an era. I’m heading back to the U.S. for the next couple of months before my Dutch lessons start. It was so sweet; my colleagues at my internship gave me a recipe book (in Dutch) so I can not only impress my family with delicious desserts, I can practice my Dutch as well. The good thing is that each recipe should only take between 5 and 30 minutes, so I’ll know relatively quickly if my translations aren’t working.

These kinds of trips are always emotional; while I’m excited to be home and catch up with family and friends, I’m going to miss the friends and family I’ve made here. I know once I’m home the time will fly, but it’s tough to leave.

There are the little joys that I’m looking forward to when it comes to being back in the good ‘ole U.S.A. My mom’s seven-layer cookies, being able to go grocery shopping at midnight, reading the entire menu at a restaurant and understanding everything on it, reuniting with friends and family, needing something random and knowing exactly where I can find it, 24/hour diners…  the list goes on.

Last summer — the last time I visited home — my mom made two batches of her seven-layer cookies for me, since I had mentioned how much I missed them and how I couldn’t find the ingredients here. I think I arrived home within 48 hours of them being made and my family (ahem, my Dad and brother) ate nearly all of them. My mom had to wrap a couple up and stick them in my room to make sure I got some.

It was ok. It just provided me with the proof I needed to justify to Joery why whenever I buy a box of cookies they’re gone within a couple of days. I come from a household where it’s eat-or-miss-out. So now Joery and I have a deal that whenever I buy cookies I have to make sure he gets at least one. It’s really done wonders for my self-control (actually, more like I just wave a cookie under Joery’s nose until he eats one and then I devour the rest).

Ah, whatever. While my metabolism lasts, right?


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