Let there be…purple!

So the painting is finished! No more plastic dangling from our lights or disassembled doors (which makes it really awkward when you sleep late and have to shower when the painters are already at your apartment). And, while I really like the final result, it was a bit more of a shock than I initially wanted.

I was around for most of the painting, but just for the neutral colors. So when I arrived home after a successful shopping trip in Brussels, entered the apartment, walked in and…


Super purple wall

That is not the subtle accent wall I imagined. Rather it’s a statement wall. A hell-yea-this-is-what-purple-freaking-looks-like wall.

It’s beginning to grow on me.

The bad news was that we had to postpone the delivery of our couch because it’s a bit silly to dangle a couch through the window of your apartment when all the walls have wet paint on them. It’s like the ultimate Operation game you don’t want to play.

The kitchen. It's hard to tell, but there gray near the cabinets is darker than the one on the backsplash. I'll take better photos next time.

Hallway to bedrooms/bathroom (which have yet to be painted...that's the next wave)

*I’m going to take better photos when the sun is out and I don’t have to use the flash on my point-and-shoot camera. But you get the gist.


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