Dancing the night away

What a fun weekend (and a great escape from our now super messy, half-painted apartment)! I went to Jospop, a small music festival in Schepdaal, with a group of friends. Friday night there was a barbecue (I embraced American stereotypes by bringing hamburgers) and we set our tent up in the garden of a friend who lived (relatively) close to the festival site. Then we trekked to the dance party — it had been a while since I had danced that much.

Saturday also was a blast, though I didn’t know many of the bands who performed. But it was nice to be at a festival (although I think the average age was 14, so at some points I could stand behind a group of kids and still have an unobstructed view of the stage). An all-around fun time.

It did make me realize how out of shape I was…man am I sore today! I came home and took a nice, long bath and then a nice, long nap. Sleeping in the tent wasn’t so bad — we had a nice air mattress, though when I woke up this morning and asked my boyfriend to move closer and cuddle with me he told me he couldn’t because at one point he kicked the plug out of the mattress and was holding it closed with his foot. I’m not sure how long he had been doing that, but the mattress was a little low on air.

Now, though, I think I’m going to cap off the weekend by making a cake (or muffins, haven’t decided) and a cocktail (because cooking is so much more interesting when you include alcohol).


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