Bye-bye spackled walls

Last glimpse of the unpainted walls.

Tomorrow our painter is coming to prep/prime our apartment. I’m kind of hoping that by the time I get home from work it will be finished, but am well aware that I’m probably just setting myself up for disappointment.

After work today I came and started putting down all the cardboard and plastic on the floor (with the help of my boyfriend’s parents). It was pretty time-consuming… I can only imagine how it would go if we were to paint ourselves, which was our initial plan. We were just asked to cover the floor, so not even tape the edges of anything, and already that was a pain. I have a sneaking suspicion painting is only fun in theory.

I did learn an awesome phrase in Dutch today. When the boyfriend arrived home (conveniently after everything was almost finished — note: he wants me to point out he came home at his normal time) we opened a bottle of Cava to toast my finishing my thesis. I was still preparing some snacks, so everyone was waiting. Finally his mom turns to me and says, “Wij kunnen nog niet drinken; jij bent het feestvarken.” Literally translated: We can’t drink yet; you are the party pig.

Feestvarken. Haha, love it.


And another shot of the other side of the room. Yes, that’s my lovely boyfriend cooking me dinner. We realized we had 18 eggs in our fridge, all of which expire this weekend. Needless to say, dinner was omelets.


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