Life’s a bitch.

I finished my thesis today.

I carefully loaded the document onto a USB stick, took a train to Leuven and entered the copy shop where I ordered four perfectly-bound copies. Two hours later (spent sipping wine with a friend…not a bad way to pass time), I returned and picked up the 64 pages of my thesis in book-form.

I went straight to my boyfriend’s office (he works for the university) to show him my masterpiece. After all, it was the reason I neglected all housework and — at times — cleanliness for the past couple of weeks.

Once inside, I plopped down on his office-mate’s chair and started flipping through it, happy to see that the last few months of work (not to mention two years of classes) have paid off and I was about to hand in what I really thought was the best paper I could have written.

Me, in front of the university holding my not-so-perfect thesis.

Until I noticed a typo. Not a typo, a mistake. As soon as I hit the page it just jumped out at me. I don’t know why I hadn’t noticed it the hundred other times I had read the page.

Rather than referring to my “theoretical framework” chapter, I asked my readers to turn their attention back to my “theological framework” chapter.

Thank God the beer in Belgium is good.


3 thoughts on “Life’s a bitch.

    • Thanks!!! It was just a frustrating moment. It’s towards the end so I’m hoping the professor will be skimming more than reading and totally miss it :)

  1. I know already which question I’m going to ask on your thesis defense.
    So karin, I one of your last pages you are referring to your theological framework, can you explain me this a little bit more, because I couldn’t find it in your thesis :p

    (sorry sorry)

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