Sunday morning flea market!

Technically, Sunday afternoon flea market. What can I say? I like to sleep in.

Enjoying music in the sun!

Yesterday, the boyfriend and I went to a free concert by Sebadoh, an American band I hadn’t heard of before. They were supposed to play at Pukkelpop, where they apparently have appeared many times, so they offered to play a free concert in Ghent to honor the victims.

The venue was pretty close to where we live, so we decided to walk there. Walking, however, took a lot longer than we anticipated. Technically it’s pretty close, but there’s a canal that separated us from the venue and we ended up having to walk all the way around to get to the other side. Once there, it was a lot of fun. The weather (finally) was gorgeous, the music was good, and we met up with a few friends, with whom we enjoyed a nice, cold beer.

The area where we live in Ghent is up-and-coming. It’s located on one of the major canals into the city, and the whole area was formerly an industrial zone. Now, contractors are buying up the old warehouses and converting them into trendy lofts, which is also true for the building where we live. But there’s still a lot of old, abandoned factories, and the venue where the concert was is no exception. Apparently next year the city (or a private company, not sure which) is going to tear everything down to build apartments, but for now there are a lot of

Sebadoh performing a free concert in Gent

activities organized there. In addition to the stage, there was a bar and grill set up, playground equipment for kids, and even a fake beach with sand and umbrellas. It was actually pretty sweet (wish I had taken a photo…have to get used to documenting everything again).

We found out that on Sundays there’s a market hosted in the cement structure (though all the sides are open, so not really sure what it used to be), so we decided today to check it out. Since moving into the apartment, we’ve been looking for things to decorate it. Generally, the entire apartment has a modern design, but there’s a little guest bathroom (just a toilet and a sink) that’s French-country/antiquey. It totally doesn’t fit with the rest of the apartment, but I found this antique-style toilet at an expo we went to and loved it, so my boyfriend decided to concede the guest toilet rather than have me impose a French-country-inspired look to the entire bathroom.

Our new mirror! Excuse the hair/t-shirt, I had already changed into my comfy clothes.

Anyway, we’ve been looking for an antique frame to use for a mirror in that bathroom, but haven’t had any luck yet. Until today! I’m really excited about it. We found this mirror — a little banged up, but we want to paint it anyway — for just 10 euros (actually, I have no idea if that’s good or not. Neither my boyfriend nor I are good at bargaining, so the woman asked for 10-15 euros and we just went with 10. It had 15 written on the sticker on the back, so I still feel like we accomplished something).

We also ended up buying a couple of homemade cupcakes (there were free samples and I have a terrible guilt complex about eating samples and then not buying from somebody, particularly at these events, where everyone’s just a normal person trying to make a little extra money).

So all in all it was a successful day so far. The rest of the day I’m planning to spend finishing my thesis. The final copy is due this Thursday, and I still have my analysis to finish and the introduction and conclusion to write, not to mention all the technical formatting issues I plan to deal with later. I’m sure I’ll finish on time, I just need to stop blogging and start working :)

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend as well!


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