Pukkelpop ’11

I’m not sure how widespread the coverage of this has been in other countries, but a crazy storm hit a music festival, Pukkelpop, in Belgium on Thursday. The high winds, rain and hail caused a couple of the stages at the festival to collapse. Five people were killed either at the festival site or on the camping grounds from falling debris (the winds were so strong the huge trees around the festival site snapped in two).

My boyfriend was at the festival at the time the storm hit, while I was in another city that was hit by a milder version of the storm. I had called my boyfriend to make sure he was alright — the winds and rain where I was were scary and I was inside — and he said the weather there was great and he was enjoying Skunk Anansie’s performance. Just 15 minutes after I called, the storm hit him. He was in probably the best possible location — at the front by the main stage, near an emergency exit — and was able to get under cover quickly.

It’s such a tragic event. I was going to join him on Friday for the festival, but it ended up being cancelled (and rightfully so). My heart goes out to the victims and their family and friends. I can’t even comprehend what they must be going through. Because the cell network was overloaded, for a while I had a lot of trouble getting in touch with my boyfriend. When he finally called, I was so relieved. Luckily everyone we know who were there are alright. For those who were injured or who are still in the hospital, I wish a speedy recovery.


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