New twist on crocheting

I don’t know about you, but I have never been able to master the art of crocheting. At one point in time I got really excited about learning to crochet: I bought a book, a ton of yarn, and a few crochet needles. Then I got stuck on the first step and kind of set it aside. I’m pretty sure the yarn is still buried somewhere in my old closet at my parent’s house.

Recently (after an awesome friend sent me an amazingly gorgeous scarf she crocheted for me), my desire to learn the trade was invigorated and my boyfriend’s mom was able to teach me the basics. Now I can chain-stitch it up with the best of them, but as soon as I get to the point where I’m supposed to turn and continue, I become all thumbs. So when I stumbled across this tutorial I got super excited.

Final product! Not half bad, right?

Since you just need to chain stitch the wire and then twist it together at the end, it’s the perfect project for people just learning how to crochet and want to make something fun and wearable. I decided I wanted to make a necklace rather than a bracelet, and I think the final result is pretty awesome.

I wanted this necklace to be entirely covered in beads, unlike the bracelet in the tutorial, so I decided to use little seed beads throughout the whole thing. Halfway through I ran out of wire and the new one I bought ended up being a bit thicker than the original one I used. But I don’t think you can really tell once it’s all twisted together. It did, however, hurt my fingers after a while, so I would recommend wire that’s thinner than 0.70mm.

For the ends, I just used a standard lobster clasp and chain that I found at a little bead store I discovered in Aalst. I think for the next project I’m going to use a bar and ring toggle clasp, but I think this one will do the trick as well.

I think I ended up with 7 strands that I just twisted together at the end. Each strand is attached to the clasp, and I added some extra wire around all the strands to give it a more finished look. I wasn’t super-precise and didn’t measure the wire before crocheting it, so some of my strands were a bit longer than others. I ended up just twisting those a few more times, so I think it worked out.

This particular necklace was made for my sister (hi Laura!), and I’m pretty psyched to make one for myself.

After the jump there’s a quick tutorial on how I made it. Be kind, it’s my first one!


  • assorted beads (I used a mixture of seed beads and other random ones I had)
  • wire (less than 22 gauge/0.70mm… 0.70mm works but is tough on the hands)
  • crochet needle
  • clasp (I used a lobster clasp and chain) and jump ring
  • pliers (for twisting the wire around the clasp at the end)
To start: make a loop around the crochet needle, twisting the wire a few times to secure. Start with a basic chain stitch.

String beads onto wire. You're going to have a really long strand of wire, so string a bunch of beads at once to save time.

Add beads one (or two) at a time by sliding them forward before finishing the loop.

To finish the loop, hook wire with crochet needle and pull through.

Ta-da!! Twist multiple strands together and attach clasps.


4 thoughts on “New twist on crocheting

  1. Love this! Angela taught me to crochet. I still can’t get a chain started! I have to read the directions each & every time! And then I like to use the P or Q size hooks – have you seen these??? It’s like crocheting with those big pencils they used to give you in kindergarten. I like doing afghans with them because it goes really fast! I don’t like to work months & months on a project – Angela can do that. I did finally do a blanket with “regular” yarn and a “regular” hook – took me a couple months but now my Mom is enjoying all the effort. (it did come out beautiful!)

    • I’ll have to check it out. I really want to be able to make a nice scarf or blanket, but I always get twisted around. That’s why I like this project so much, if you make a mistake you can just bend the wire a certain way and hide it.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I wear it for all formal pictures (drivers license, teacher ID) and I wore it to a wedding last night. I try to make sure it ends up in lots of pictures… it makes me feel like you’re with me :)

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