Thirty before Thirty

Next month, I’ll be celebrating my 25th birthday. While I’m not [too] freaked out about hitting the quarter-century mark, I did want to make a list of the things I want to accomplish in the next five years. Some of the items are a bit more ambitious (namely that they require more money) than others, but it will be interesting to see what does (and doesn’t) get done.

In no particular order:

  1. ride in a hot-air balloon here.
  2. get a real job doing something I love
  3. learn to speak another language fluently
  4. learn how to drive a car with a manual transmission
  5. build a savings account
  6. get professional photos taken
  7. go to a nude beach
  8. run (or walk) in a marathon
  9. hike the Inca trail
  10. visit every continent (except Antarctica, let’s be realistic here)
  11. participate on couchsurfing
  12. Go camping at the Grand Canyon (preferably with horses somehow involved)
  13. volunteer abroad
  14. get paid to write something (and get it published)
  15. learn to sew (and create something I’ll actually wear)
  16. visit the Winchester Mansion
  17. Drive across the U.S.
  18. Read Ulysses by James Joyce
  19. get a bikini wax
  20. pay off (a solid percentage of) my student loans
  21. start and maintain a blog (!)
  22. find the perfect shade of red lipstick
  23. see the ancient city of Petra
  24. take dancing lessons
  25. be able to afford (and buy) an awesome SLR camera
  26. re-learn the violin
  27. attend a burlesque show
  28. learn how to make my Grammy’s lasagna…and that pineapple cheesecake dish that was always awesomely delicious
  29. figure out the secrets of thrift shopping (and learn how to mend/tailor the things I get so I can wear it well)
  30. finish decorating our apartment (and have it look good)

3 thoughts on “Thirty before Thirty

  1. This are great ideas. And I’m a volunteer to help you with some
    of your list!
    1° If I do a next photoshoot I’ll ask you to model, so you can practice for the professional photoshoot
    2° I want to run the marathon aswell so we can help each other
    3° I can travel with you to see the world while the boyfriend earns money ;-)
    4° I have the book of james joyce, you can borrow it :p
    5° The dancing lessons are already a long time on my list…just have to figure out which one I want to learn
    6°Just whatever….It all seems pretty interesting!

  2. Denny and I can help too. You can drive across the USA to see us in Calif. and on the way visit the Grand Canyon and take a mule trip to the bottom of the canyon and then on to Ca. Here we can take you to the Winchester Mansion( do you mean the one in San Jose, Ca?)and then on a hot air balloon ride over the Napa Valley. Then of course after the balloon ride we would have to enjoy several glasses of excellent wine or maybe champagne!

    • That sounds awesome! I’ll be saving my pennies :)
      I think the Winchester Mansion is in San Jose… I remember reading a book or something about it when I was younger and have wanted to visit it ever since.

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