Welcome to my life[adjusted].

For a while now I’ve been a dedicated viewer of a number of style/design/food blogs and have been thinking about starting one myself. I’m in the midst of a few big transitions (though I’m only now really appreciating how big they are…putting pen to paper really makes things legit) — finishing grad school, moving to another city, buying an apartment with my beau (and figuring out interior design as we go along) — and some little ones, mainly learning to cook and stretching my meager income to update and ‘adultify’ my wardrobe.

Writing has always been something I loved, but in the past few years I’ve become immersed in the academic world and have lost touch with the side of myself that wrote the reflective ramblings that have filled many journals. I want to use this blog to re-connect with that side of myself — albeit, in a more public way.

So, that is my ambition. I hope you can find it useful, even if only just to find inspiration in my inspiration. Wish me luck!


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